Mak’Vaerk – Fast feet and dirty tricks from Aarhus in Denmark


Mak'Vaerk has created their own strong musical expression. The music is based on solid hard-pumped guitar riffs, a tight and hard hitting rythmic section, melodic choruses, musical peculiarities and a powerful vocal - all mixed in an energetic and well-balanced 

combination allowing Mak'Vaerk to play their heavy music as we all love it flavored with ear-hanging pop-rock refrains. 


The band was founded in 2013 by guitarist Martin Kjaer and drummer Michael Marquart – both with a past from the legendary Danish metal band Kruzial. In the spring of 2014 Kim jonassen, former 6ft Auto Return bassist, was added to the lineup. Kristian Ehlers from Five Dollar Justice completed the lineup in the summer of 2014.


... 'nough said?


No Bullshit. No Nonsense - Just get to it





Kristian Ehlers



Shure SM58 microphones

Shitloads of autotune



















Five facts about Kristian:

1. Loves 0 and 1

2. Is a sucker for The Black Dahlia Murder

3. Thinks he still have a lot of hair, but really doesn't have

4. Becomes a monster of showmanship on stage

5. Loves to drive the band bus



Martin Kjær



Gibson guitars

Engl amps and cabs



















Five facts about Martin:

1. Likes Pantera more than Metallica

2. Likes Metallica more than Guns'n'Roses

3. Never owned a Fender

4. Can't sing

5. Prefer his sound straight to the face and without effects







Kim Jonassen

Bass, Backing vocals


Sandberg, Yamaha basses

TC Electronic amps and cabs



















Five facts about Kim:

1. Have played live drums on more 70's disco classics than you could ever imagine

2. Is ecstatic about Katatonia

3. Is Mak'Vaerk's studio geek

4. Producing his own schnaps based on chili

5. Hates to carry music gear






Michael 'Mak' Marquart



TAMA Starclassic drums

Zildjian cymbals



















Five facts about Michael:

1. Makes a hell of a smørstang

2. Can talk all night about cymbals and soccer

3. Grew up in Mårslet

4. Likes Deep Purple more than anything else

5. Listens to Deicide but also Take That